UNICOMER began operations in the United States in 2004 opening two stores in Houston, in order to serve the Central Americans living in the US, who wish to send gifts to family members in their countries of origin.


Through UNICOMER, Central Americans have access to a simple commercial mechanism: the customer visits the store where products are exhibited, chooses the item or items he or she would like to send, and UNICOMER delivers to their family members through its stores or warehouses located throughout the Central American region.

UNICOMER, like its sister chains in Unicomer Group, offers attractive credit plans to its customers, thus facilitating the payment of the purchased items while family members benefit from them.


The Facilito Cash concept begins in Houston as a loan concept in order to give added value to preferential customers by providing cash loans to be paid in installments. Over the past years, Facilito Cash has effectively provided thousands of customers with cash loans for education, travel, house works, remittances and various other imperative necessities.


UNICOMER started formal sales of its products locally due to the high demand of its current customers.


The first dedicated store is opened to provide customers with more personalized attention.

All these trade strategies allowed UNICOMER to gain the position as an ethnic and nostalgic brand in the US market, therefore, allowing Central Americans to feel closer to home and their families.