RadioShack was conceived to be a North American store type. It sells electronic components and accessories, security devices, radio communication equipment, telephones, calculators, computers, car accessories, audio, video and every state of the art technological gadget.

Since the year 2000, Unicomer Group has been a successful franchise operator for RadioShack. Through these years the brand gained a strong position in the region and has created thousands of new job positions that have served hundreds of thousands of Central American families that rely on its brand value and deferred payment facilities offered by the Group.

Unicomer Group has been granted awards for achieving and surpassing guidelines established by the franchisor, such as: Diamond Excellence Award, Platinum Plus Award, Best RadioShack Store Growth Award, and Best Advertising Program.


Unicomer Group’s shareholders initially acquired a RadioShack franchise in El Salvador in January 1998


The brand´s expansion outside the Salvadoran territory began in Honduras


The company opens a location in Guatemala


The company is expanded to Nicaragua


UNICOMER GROUP owned 57 RadioShack stores distributed throughout the Central American region, making it one of the largest independent owners of RadioShack stores in the world.


Unicomer Group acquired brands, intellectual property and contracts of existing RadioShack franchisees throughout Central America, South America and the Caribbean.


244 franchises distributed in the Central American Region, South America, and the Caribbean that now have become the perfect addition for Unicomer group.

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