“Baratito is born on 2014 to give the store chain a fresh and friendly face, offering the best prices with a smile and a bit of magic.”

Now with a total of 13 stores, 12 in Ecuador and 1 y the Dominican Republic, Baratodo works under the slogan: “Easy to buy and affordable to pay”.

One of its characteristics is to have sales areas over 3,000 square feet, allowing us to introduce new product lines, such as furniture, where the group has extensive experience in other countries, and in Ecuador becomes a great market opportunity.

Among his main skills is active selling or sales routing, initiative that was abandoned by competitors in the market, and has become an important differentiator in the market. Paired with a policy of employee benefits, it becomes a great strength.

Opening the first store in Guayaquil, it fulfilled the industry approach to reach lower middle and popular segments, and is now perceived as an easy access, approachable chain with a wide variety of modern products.